Apparel Idea:
Innovative chemical products for the apparel and fashion industries. 

Technology and research

We produce a wide range of chemicals in our modern, fully equipped integrated production plant.

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Apparel Idea is a leading manufacturer and distributor of chemical products to the apparel and textile industries. We develop innovative chemicals to help improve garments and fabrics, and provide the best chemical solutions to these industries.

Our specialty textile finishing treatments dramatically expand the uses and extend the life of a wide variety of textiles. 


To grow a worldwide specialty chemical business by providing high value products, superior responsiveness, excellent technical service and close personal relationships.


Product development is an essential part of our chemical manufacturing service, and we work closely with customers to develop new and improved products tailored to meet their ever-evolving requirements.

Experienced chemists and color technicians manage our state of the art laboratories and testing facilities. Our team is constantly researching novel ideas, methods and processes to improve and strengthen fabrics.

Unlike most other companies working in this field, we also focus on fabric treatment and product application. Any new product we bring to market is tested not only in compliance with all standard international technical and safety procedures, but also, extensively, on in excess of 200 different types of fabrics, so that we can more accurately advise our clients as to what method or process of application will work best with a particular type of fabric or garment.

We aim at a “ready to wear” philosophy, whereby customers can use our products almost out of the box in most cases, even at industrial scale, thus saving considerable time and resources. We do the research so that you do not have to.


Apparel Idea is deeply committed to protecting the environment as well as the health, safety and security of its stakeholders, partners and customers. Our company pro-actively aspires to be a responsible citizen of the global community.

Apparel Idea is committed to continuous improvement of environmental, health, safety and security performance, as well as full compliance with applicable legal and industry requirements.

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