Apparel Idea:
Innovative chemical products for the apparel and fashion industries. 




Today finishing and printing as the last step in textile processing becomes more and more important.

The variety of demands from end-users, requiring comfort such as softening, easy-care properties, protection, functionality and/or special effects (such as hydrophilic or anti-felting properties) is still growing.

We understand that the process' safety and reliability of the products are significant issues for the textile and apparel industries.

Our experience in the field of textile finishing and printing, ongoing focus on market needs, and close collaboration between the technical service team, the research and development group and our customers, help up to address those concerns successfully, thus providing our customers and partners with dependable and innovative solutions.

We provide state-of-the-art products along with tailor-made solutions for virtually all requirements from apparel, knitwear, woven goods, sportswear to home textiles.

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